7 tips to save energy when closing your business during this Covid-19 pandemic

In most businesses the second highest cost after wages is energy. The Government, thankfully have some much needed supports in place to help meet wage bills in these difficult times. So while our businesses are closed or on reduced usage it is certainly makes sense that our energy use is as near zero as possible.

  1. Heating, cooling and air conditioning at this time of year can use the greatest amount of energy in most business. It’s important to check that all non-essential equipment is turned off. If an element of heating is required to keep the building aired, then you can re-set the thermometers to slightly lower settings and programmed to come on less frequently.
  2. It’s a good time to make sure that all printers, computers and lighting is turned off.
  3. Check out the kitchens and canteens to make sure everything is turned off. Even fridges should be emptied and turned off. Might be wise to leave the door open to ensure no unwanted smells linger inside. If there are any  drinks dispensing fridge units as these too should be turned off.
  4. Check too that there are no personal standby heaters, chargers, radios ,tv’s etc left plugged in. These are important as stand-by  loads can use a considerable amount of energy.
  5. Outside lighting for personnel access and egress can be either turned off or placed on a reduced timing. This is important too as day-light hours are continually extending until June 21st.
  6. Probably something few of us do, but maybe this is the ideal opportunity. Why not visit your electrical and gas meter installation and take a reading. Familiarise yourself with the type of meter you have, is it digital, mechanical with revolving disc, or pay as you go?
  7. Something to consider if you haven’t already. Have you installed an energy monitoring system? Energy monitors are available from as little as €100 to more sophisticated ones from €1000 upwards. These monitors can provide returns on investment of months rather than years.

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