Watt footprint delivers ambitious energy saving package for Glenisk

Brief Overview

Watt Footprint implemented a strategic targeted energy management system for Glenisk’s production factory by utilising real-time energy data to identify and support energy efficiency measures to significantly reduce energy waste on site.

The Project

Glenisk as Irelands number one yogurt brand have been growing production year on year to meet increased demand. In tandem with this their energy requirements have increased leading to increased production costs and higher energy bills.

Although reducing energy usage and up scaling production usually do not go hand in hand Glenisk are committed to growing its business in line with a sustainable ethos of food production.

How can Watt Footprint help?

Watt Footprint has found that a major barrier to businesses is having a lack of information and know-how on how to reduce their energy consumption.

At Watt Footprint we have the technology and the expertise to accurately determine the value of potential monthly savings that will occur as a direct result of a planned and meticulously executed energy efficiency behaviours.

Hence, we have developed a smarter way to get your buildings energy efficient without having to pay upfront energy management costs, with huge amounts of reliable data made available through our energy monitoring devices we can show you how to utilise this data to tackle the challenge that is energy and carbon reduction.


Watt Footprint offered our Energy savings as a service solution to support Glenisk in the implementation of a targeted energy management system providing both technical and financial support to implement ECM’s that offer a significant energy saving reduction and help meet Glenisks carbon reduction objectives.

Key Findings

Tailored Monitoring package 5,000mWh of savings earmarked!

ISO 50001:2018 Certified

Carbon Baselining
Carbon neutrality target by 2030.

Capital Funding.

The system is giving us visibility we never knew was possible on our energy performance before” Vincent Cleary, Managing Director


Wattfootprint’s energy management system and smart technology provides visibility and support in achieving impressive savings. In the case of Glenisk 5,000mWh of savings have been earmarked with potential to save more.