Watt Footprint creates over €110K worth of savings for the Mullingar Park Hotel.

Brief Overview

Wattfootprint installed a be-spoke energy management solution to monitor, analyze and reduce the energy consumption of the Mullingar Park hotel. We tailored or multi service offering to the Park hotel providing visibility on their energy performance and identifying energy conservation measures to make impressive savings.

The Project

The 4 star Mullingar Park Hotel is located in Mullingar Co. Westmeath. The Hotel comprises of 95 guestrooms with a leisure centre , 20 metre pool, steam room, sauna, fully quipped gym and fitness studio.

The Mullingar Park Hotel were committed to improving their energy efficiency and reducing their energy consumption but as with a lot of businesses it can be daunting to know where to start allocating resources and time can be at a premium.

Operating such a busy hotel can be challenging, making it difficult to step back from the daily operating tasks that are critical to keep the hotel running smoothly. Previously the hotel monitored their energy consumption via their monthly bill with little to no visibility on how it was being used in the hotel.

How could Watt Footprint help?

Watt Footprint has found that a major barrier businesses have is a lack of information and know-how on how to reduce their energy consumption .

At Watt footprint we have the technology and the expertise to accurately determine the value of potential monthly savings that will accrue as a direct result of a planned and meticulously executed energy efficiency behaviors.

Hence we have developed a smarter way to get your building energy efficient without having to pay upfront energy management costs, with huge amounts of reliable data made available through our energy monitoring devices we can show you how to utilize this data to tackle the challenge that is energy and carbon reduction.

The Solution

We installed our be-spoke energy management solution to monitor the electricity consumption and associated Significant Energy Users. We used the LAN within the hotel to log the data monitored to our cloud based dashboard and develop a tailored solution that provides real feedback with SMS alerts and emails which allow the maintenance team act before energy is wasted.

Using our (ESaaS) Energy Saving as a Service model our team was able to support the hotel in analysing the data and identify ECM’s (Energy Conservation Measures) that would provide significant savings in energy performance. We were able to secure funding to undertake these initiatives the savings achieved.

Savings were measured using our energy management solution using IPMVP the international protocol for the measurement and verification of energy savings.

Key Findings

Annual savings of €110’000

Smart Metering – 2’224’762 kWh saved annually.

IPMVP Verification of ECM’s + Energy Credit Payment.

Capital Funding.

Wattfootprint service offering was attractive due to Zero risk on our side and maximum savings “.

Josephine Hughes, Owner.
Energy Management Monitoring Measuring


Wattfootprint’s energy management system and smart technology provides visibility and support in achieving impressive savings.

We have seen a reduction in the energy during phase 1 of the process with further savings earmarked for stage 2. These changes has made the Mullingar Park one of Irelands most efficient and sustainable hotels.