Eniscope Energy Visibility Brings Big Savings for Nando’s

Nando’s commit to a nationwide
energy management roll-out.

A nationwide roll-out of Eniscope-driven energy management has shown once again the true power of energy visibility.
Using only the Eniscope energy monitoring system considered by many to be the most complete and versatile in the world – and no additional retrofit equipment, BEST Global Partner Efligence Informatics has been able to secure dramatic energy savings for their client – international chicken franchise Nando’s. Worth £969m annually, Nando’s operates 1000 stores worldwide. With this success in just one of their 35 countries, the potential scope for further expansion is massive.

The results are remarkable. Using only operational and behavioural change, Nando’s are enjoying over 21% energy cost savings estate-wide.

What energy problems and
wastage areas did Nando’s have?

Like all businesses in the food and beverage sector,
Nando’s suffer from familiar areas of energy
wastage – refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning
and lighting.
Two of the greatest
challenges facing Nando’s were:

  • A culture of indifference to energy waste
  • A lack of visibility of energy waste across the estate

These areas became the focus for Efligence to turn
things around.

The Solution.

What do you do when human inefficiencies are contributing to energy waste?

You change the way those humans think! The process began by installing Eniscope – a globally-recognised energy monitoring system in use with big brands like 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, IBM and Starbucks amongst many others. That provided total energy visibility, allowing the team at Efligence to pinpoint areas for improvement Armed with that information, Efligence created a set of tools and reports bespoke to Nando’s. They set about educating and building a relationship with the store managers, who are now fully on board with saving energy. At the corporate level, Nando’s have also introduced an incentive structure to reward energy efficiency performance.

Using only behaviour and operational change, the best store is saving almost 40% a year!

The Headline Figures

Highest Performing Store
38.7% Savings

Average Estate-
Wide Savings 21.20%

Nando’s Stores 9

Average Energy
Savings $5,790pcm