Energy Efficiency Project Delivers up to 40% Energy Savings

KFC restaurants are benefiting from reduced bottom-line energy costs.

A BEST partner has brokered a landmark energy deal with global fast-food giants KFC, paving the way for a potentially huge Eniscope energy monitoring roll-out.

Savings focused on air conditioning and refrigeration primarily

Around $100,000 worth of savings every single month.

The Context

KFC is a great example of a quick-service restaurant provider enjoying massive global
success. KFC operate over 22,000 locations across 136 countries. They are second only to McDonald’s in their size and scope. The chain is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, who also own Pizza Hut and Taco Bell chains. Operating long hours with energy-intensive functions, quick- service restaurants are a great fit for Eniscope-led energy management.

The Project

This project began with a hotly contested tender process. Competing against 11 other providers of energy monitoring and management solutions, Seido Solutions conducted a single store Proof of Concept installation.
Crucially, Seido managed to deliver 24% savings on that store – the best result of any of the tendering suppliers. Thanks in no small part to the quality of the technology they had at their disposal as a BEST international partner, including leading energy- saving products ACES (air conditioning) and CUES.

The Results

Following the successful PoC, Seido have now installed across 105 locations – including 88 KFCs and 17 Pizza Huts. They have delivered an average of 18% savings across the board, rising to 40% in some stores!

The Headline Feature

A constant flow of real-time energy data

An intuitive dashboard system
for analysis

Ongoing opportunities for savings, including no-cost behavioural
change solutions

Data to support
Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) and great PR opportunities

18% Avg. Savings – That’s 100,000+ pcm across the estate

1,912 location potential roll-out scope in the coming years

Energy bill savings of up to 40% in some stores

What does the future hold?

The energy team at Seido have been invited to assist in the Green Building Initiative project in Malaysia with KFC, with Eniscope the chosen device for this project. This got the attention of Yum! Brands themselves, which has unlocked negotiations for further projects in South East Asia.
Proof of Concept installations are already underway in six other countries, with new regions beginning to show interest with every week that passes. In total, as many as 1,912 KFC outlets fall within the potential scope of this massive roll-out.