Small business offerings

How can we help your small business reduce energy costs?

Small businesses with an energy spend of less than 15k tend to be forgotten in terms of advice and supports to deliver savings and reduce energy costs. Most professional advice and technology is priced out of the market for these smaller businesses. At Watt Footprint we have tailored out service to meet the needs of even the smallest business and provide advice, audits and technological equipment to help measure and reduce energy costs. While we at Watt Footprint have some very sophisticated and expensive smart technology, often it’s the simple and basic measuring devices and support that’s required to effectively deliver the savings required. The supports we have for small businesses are:

Energy Saving as a service ‘lite’(Esaasl)

This is a shortened and concise modified package for small businesses without the complexities of a full energy contract, aimed at placing small businesses on a more sustainable path.

Metering and Monitoring

Using basic digital monitoring
technology such as the OWL intuition.

Water Audit

We help business understand and appreciate how easy it can be to reduce water charges.

Bill Management

Providing a simplified software package to
help understand and reduce energy bills.

Waste Audit

We ensure that best green/sustainable practices
are been carried out at all times.

The world’s most complete energy management solution

It’s our job to make your energy visible, controllable and easy to manage.

Grant supports to SME’S

Many businesses are not aware of the numerous grants and supports that are out there to help businesses adopt to meet this new Climate change era. Watt Footprint help businesses access these grants, such as:

Grants from the Local Enterprise offices (LEO’s) and Enterprise Ireland (EI) have supports to help business become more lean and this includes energy, waste and water. Plus they have a Going Green funding package.

SEAI have a series of grants and supports for everything from building upgrades to lighting, heating controls etc. they also have grants for the installation of solar PV to help businesses generate their own electricity.

Energy credits are also available for every Kwh of electricity saved. These often go unclaimed and can have a real value in terms of financial assistance for energy upgrades. While saving energy and reducing costs is the primary mover here, there are also some fantastic wins for business that will have a very positive outcome such as;

  • Sets the business on a path to sustainability.
  • Can have a positive influence on the health and wellbeing of staff and customers/client.
  • Contributes to the business going green.

End-to-end energy management

Watt Footprint provides the Knowledge, hardware, software and support you need to manage energy effectively.