Intelligent LED lighting for
high-bay installations

Right now, lighting could account for upwards of 57% of your energy bill. A good portion of it is being wasted. Eluma is a super-efficient lighting system with occupancy and daylight sensors as standard, saving our clients in many cases over 85% of their lighting costs.

High Energy Savings

Our system could save your business up to 85% on its lighting costs, with a 1-2 year payback period and knock-on benefits to your air-con.

Reduced Maintenance

Our system’s 100,000+ hour lifespan saves on maintenance and replacement costs. That’s ten times the lifespan of CFL bulbs.

Working Environment

Enjoy better light quality, a better working environment and great PR with a visible commitment to a greener economy.

Two products working in harmony

Eluma is great on its own, but with Atmos – it’s remarkable.

Eluma LED Lights

The impact of the Eluma hardware is essentially in three parts:

Super-Cool LEDs:
Traditional bulb technologies can lose up to 95% of their energy in heat. This is a huge waste and costs businesses millions every year. Our super-cool running LEDs can greatly reduce this heat loss – meaning an immediate saving on your bills.

Heat Dissipating Casing: Eluma also offers a unique, copyright protected casing structure that effectively dissipates heat away from the unit. Cool running means less draw on your air-con as well!

Extra-Long Lifespan: Having to remove or replace fixtures in a high-bay installation is a disruptive pain. With Eluma, you’ll enjoy 10 years (100,000 hours) of guaranteed lifespan.

  • Suitable for 3 to 16 metre installation heights
  • Strong and ultra light aluminium casing material
  • Our proprietary Atmos sensor comes as standard
  • Fully compatible with 220 to 230V supply voltage
  • The Eluma unit measures 1330 x 195 x 90cm
  • Our LEDs have a 100,000 hour minimum useful life

Atmos Intelligent Sensor

We recognise that there are a number of solutions on the market that claim to do the same thing – provide better quality of light whilst reducing your costs. And whilst we believe Eluma on its own competes strongly in that market – particularly with its unique heat dissipation technology – we sought something extra to really help our offering stand out.

Atmos is that something extra. And quite a something it is.

Atmos is the most advanced, intelligent lighting control available today.

It is a wireless sensor that not only monitors and reacts to occupancy levels, but also to subtle variations in ambient light. This is absolutely crucial, because it allows our product to provide ‘daylight harvesting’ – a smart way of maintaining light levels with the minimum amount of energy used.

  • Daylight harvesting, never use too much energy
  • Wireless control and easy programming
  • Extra 20% savings over LED lights alone
  • Designed and manufactured to the highest standards
  • Rapid investment ROI, typically within 2 years
  • Occupancy sensing on a fixture-by-fixture level

Daylight Harvesting

The concept behind daylight harvesting is a simple one. Every day, the sun contributes to the lighting in your facility at varying levels.

At some points, it streams through the windows providing a huge amount of good quality light. At others, it barely makes a difference. Our intelligent lighting sensors moderate the output of your Eluma lights to react to these changes.

The goal is to maintain a perfect level of lighting in your facility, at the minimum level of energy. So if extra daylight is available, then the lights will dim. If less is available, the lights will strengthen their output.

And all this happens completely automatically, without any input from you. The result is perfect lighting all the time, and up to 20% extra savings over standard LEDs.

Occupancy Sensing

Do you know what the second greatest problem with lighting systems is? Humans!

Humans are forgetful, unreliable beasts in the most part – always leaving lights on. The only way to solve that problem, is to take them out of the equation!

When integrated with Eluma, our Atmos sensor becomes your ‘eye in the sky’ keeping an eye on occupancy levels. If a room is unoccupied, the system will dim or switch off. But more than that, each fixture has its own sensor, so the whole network of lights within a facility can react organically and independently.

So if your staff are only in one half of a warehouse, then other half can dim automatically – instantly brightening again when someone walks by.


Huge Energy Savings

Eluma will bring you remarkable reductions in energy use and spend.


Hours Life Cycle

Huge working life, with absolutely no maintenance required.


Of Your Energy Bill

Did you know that lighting equates to up to 57% of energy bills for many businesses?


Years Payback Period

Many clients recoup their investment in less than 2 years.

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