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7-Eleven roll out Eniscope across all 120 stores

Watt Footprint’s flagship partner in Denmark – IQ Energy Nordic – have forged a remarkable relationship with a huge player in the global convenience store market. Working closely with 7-Eleven and their Denmark license holder Reitan Group, they have orchestrated a 120-store rollout of Eniscope – the world’s most complete energy monitoring system. The result? A huge saving of 2,700,000 kWh and over 864 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The Context Who are the main parties? 7-Eleven is an American-Japanese convenience store specialist, with over 56,600 stores worldwide, 45,000 employees and a total revenue exceeding $5.6bn. Their license holder for Scandinavia is Reitan Group. Based in Norway, they employ more than 38,000 people across 7 countries and boasted a gross revenue of 89bn Norwegian Krone in 2016.

The Context

7-Eleven and Reitan have been working with BEST partner IQ Energy Nordic. One of BEST’s longest established and most trusted partners, IQ Energy is led by Jesper Kjærulff and Frank Schyberg; supported ably by a professional team of energy managers. With BEST providing additional product, monitoring and technical support wherever required, IQ Energy forged the relationship and took it through Proof of Concept (PoC – See right) to a full multi-site rollout.

Results From The Proof of Concept





kg / CO2




Energy & Cost Savings



Return On Investment

Payback period of just 19 months